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performa Asset Management System

  • Define checklists of facility managementand trace & recordmanagement history of facility.
  • Web & Mobile service.
  • BIM Mapping by rule - Map FM information with BIM information by rule
  • Basic Information Management - Manage basic information of building, facility, staff, space etc.
  • Space Management - Manage space information and construction record
  • Maintenance Management - Manage maintenance activity and record of facilities.
  • Interworking BIM sensor and external data property with object.
  • BIM COBie export & Python interworking
  • Extend FM information by using ETL service
performa AMS is based on BIM and to manage the assets of buildings and facilities systemically by interworking building informationwith space & object information of the building. It is like a combined system of FMS and BMS.
▷ Main Function
Visualize property and geometric informationof big data of BIM model
Asset Management
Energy Consumption MonitoringSpace
Maintenance Management
Space Management

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