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performa Codechecker

▷ Features
  • Analyze the legality of IFC model with major building codes
  • Provide easy code-checking & customizing function based on GUI
  • Text of major building codes embedded
  • Multi-national language & foreign construction codes supplement
  • Support for architectural administration on-line service
  • Built-in bSI-certified IFC viewer (IFC 2x3 CV2.0 Import)
108 승강기 대수 체크
108 승강기 대수 체크

107 반자높이 체크
107 반자높이 체크

101 외부출구의 폭 체크
101 외부출구의 폭 체크

108 승강기 대수 체크
108 승강기 대수 체크

performa Codechecker is automated Code-compliance checking system to examine the legality of IFC BIM models automatically.Through self-developed BIM design quality test library based on rule, it tests design information, building code orBIM design standard of buildings designed with BIM and extracts errors.
▷ Main Function
  • Snapshot and result report generation(PDF & Excel)
  • Check building coverage and floor area ratio regulations
  • Check the regulation of accessibility for disabled people
Easy to customize regulations with Rule manager
Egress route analysis
▷ System Overview
Check ceiling height regulations
Passengers’ & emergency
elevator requirement check

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