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Quartz Sys leads Productivity and Safety Improvement in Construction Industry through the
state-of-the art IT Technology based on BIM, and provides Integrated Information Solution of Smart

Building realizing optimal Building Management System. BIM Data Processing Technology of

Quartz Sys is world-wide technology which got International Standard Certification (IFC2x3).


Based on the technology, Quartz Sys develops Construction IT Convergence Software and BIM Data processing system necessary for Building Lifestyle Management such as design, construction, maintenance, monitoring, safety supervision, rule check and dismantling etc.


Quartz Sys tries to offer clients distinguished and added value through the most advanced technology.



Technologies We Have


Platform solutions for delivering and managing data

which have been collected for the whole life of a building,

Model Server management systems, and platforms & applications.


Technologies Used In Construction


Data management on the central MODEL DB, expansive integration of BIM information and Construction information in the web-based circumstances by providing OPEN API, and offers various opportunities by MODEL information processing and file-based transactions.

Support for the compatibility with IFC standard data format,

engineering software and other kinds of data formats.


Value & Philosophy



We try to make a prediction for the future and have abilities to solve problems with positive thoughts and creative attitudes. 




We always seek change of products,services and ways of working, and try to realize innovation. We accept new knowledge with flexible thinking and open mind, and don’t settle for the present but keep changing and challenging to grow by making our value innovative.




We get ahead of the times and lead this high-tech era understanding customers’ needs with many experts and our advanced technologies. Offering high-quality products and various services, We constantly try to go forward.

We will make customers’ business more successful with

our know-how we have accumulated.  



We deliver more effective and efficient solutions


4 C’s : Communication,Collaboration, Conformity, Convergence



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Quartz Sys Singapore Corporation 8 Shenton Way #04-01 AXA Tower, Singapore 068811 +65.6223.8576 F +65.6223.8575 E supporting@quartzsys.com

Korea Corporation Munjeong Hyundai Knowledge Industry Center 1-2 C-1112, 644 Munjeong-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul 05836, Korea T +82.2.553.8576 +82.2.569.7033 E supporting@quartzsys.com