Notice on the Beginning of Autumn Semester 2021

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1. Registration schedule

International students will register fromSeptember 3 to September 5in accordance with the university teaching calendar. Classes will start on September 6.

2. Students who need postpone registration

Students who fall under one of the following circumstances shall be suspended from registering.The specific return to school, teaching and examination arrangements shall be notified separately by the college.

1) Currently living abroad or have a history of living abroad within 28 days before entering the school;

2) Have a history of traveling to or living in medium - high risk areas within 14 days before entering the school;

3) COVID-19 has been confirmed or suspected, or being an asymptomatic infected person

4) Have been in close contact with confirmed or suspected cases, asymptomatic infected persons, or have been in close contact with confirmed or suspected cases, asymptomatic infected persons 14 days before entering the school;

5) Being with fever, cough, fatigue, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, myalgia, diarrhea and other symptoms when returning to school;

6) With yellow or red Health Code or Travel Card before entering the school;

7) Meeting with other situations that the local government requires to postpone returning to school for epidemic prevention and control.

Students who suspend registration should strengthen contact with the college and stick to clocking in the daily health check as required. Those who meet the conditions of coming back to school must report to the college in advance, and prepare relevant certificates such as negative nucleic acid test certificate or disease diagnosis certificate of medical institutions within 3 days before arriving in Hengyang, green code of Hunan resident electronic health card, communication big data travel card and vaccination status paper .Only with the approval from the college can students enter the university to have off-line classes.

3. Return to school to register

Students should register on the prescribed date with the updated green "health code", "travel card", and enter the school after the temperature check. Students with abnormal body temperature should follow the University of South China COVID-19 Emergency Management Procedures.

4. According to the needs of the development of epidemic prevention and control situation, if the state or city has another notice, the university will timely adjust its relevant arrangements and release them through the college website, wechat official account and other information platforms.

International College, USC

20 August 2021



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